Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-04-28 - 11:59pm

Today was not one of those normal days... Today was very stressful. Your dad just wanted to get in the car tonight and drive to who-knows-where to find you.... There are a few problems with that:
- Where do we drive to?
- Who do we talk to?
- What if you see us and want nothing to do with us?
- Where do we start?

There are just so many questions and no answers..... It can be so easy if you just call us. Let us discuss this. We will not fight with you to come home... We just want to talk with you....

I do my best to be positive but it is so hard to stay that way.... I pray every day.... I don't know exactly what to ask for.... I know the most important thing is to keep you safe, to make sure that you have enough to eat, to make sure that you have a safe and warm place to sleep...... I just pray that one person to which I sent a letter will contact me so that we get a new clue... That way at least we can have a starting point.

I am not sure why I am sharing thing with you.... If you are reading this and don't do anything you probably don't care. If you are not then we will never know. My gut feeling tells me that if you were reading this you would have contacted us a long time ago... Now, how do we get you to read this? I sent it to your email, facebook, posted it on flyers, have it on my facebook page.... What am I missing?

I am on vacation so we will most like get in the car and drive somewhere tomorrow or Monday.... We will continue looking until we have no more money left.... We cannot and will not ever give up on you...... We need to find you and I pray to God that we find you this time.

This is really hard on your dad, it is hard on me also and it makes it even worse that I have to worry about both of you. I see what this is doing to your dad and it is killing me.

It is past midnight and I have to get to bed... Not sure where we are going and what we will be doing but if my prayers are answered, we might see you soon.

We love you very much and we would do anything to get you to come home with us.

Dad and Ma

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