Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-04-22 - 11:00pm

I did my bible study this morning and it came down to the fact that I have to hand my problems over to God and put my trust in Him and he will take it over form me.....   As you know one of my biggest problems is the fact that I am a control freak - handing over control is very hard but I am working on it and I know that I can do it.....     The question that I have is how will I know that what I am doing in part of the plan and what is considered interfering?

I do trust God but there is also a human factor involved and the devil on my shoulder that keeps wintering in my ear: "No one is going to help you.  Unless you do this yourself it will not get done". My prayer today is that I will know the difference between interfering with the Master Plan and assisting with the Master Plan.  

I posted a lot of pictures on my page today - all of you....    I am going to post more tonight or maybe tomorrow night - depending on how late we get to the hotel tonight.  I did not realize how many pictures I have of you....  To me that is very exciting.....    Pictures is my thing....   I am working on four books at the moment...  one of them for you...    I just wish that I had more pictures of you growing up....  Your mom send me really cute ones.....  I love everyone of them....

I spoke to my mom today....   They call or text me every day to find out if we have heard anything.....    You know what - it has been 78 days today and the people that started praying with me are still praying.....    They are scattered all over the world...  Like I said earlier on, we have 24 hour prayer coverage because of the different time zones......    Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Mexico.....   and I know is not all.......

Rocky, there is something that I would like to say to you....   Some people go to church and they sit in the front row for all to see.....   but when it comes down to it they are not really nice people.  You told me once that you don't have o go. Church to be a good person..... or to be close to God.  You know what - you are right.... and I would like to explain why I am saying that:
.......... YOU never have anything bad to say about anyone;
.......... YOU never treat anyone bad;
.......... YOU always consider other people's feelings even if it hurts you;
.......... YOU are very hardworking;
.......... YOU only see the good in people;
.......... YOU are trusting - almost to a fault;
YOU are the type of person that we all should strive to be like.....   It is just to bad that we only acknowledge this now......   

You are an example for other people.  You are the type of person that we should look up to.  

I can keep going for the rest of the night but I am going to stop now......  Rocky, I pray tonight that God will open your eyes so that you can see that the best place for you are right here with us - or at least with your dad.  If I have to stay in whatever city I end up working to help you and your dad sort out your relationship I will do that...  I will do whatever it takes.

We really love you and we only want he best for you.  We learnt the hard way but rather late than never.

Lots and lots of love
Dad and Ma

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  1. I and I am sure a lot of people have the exact same problem.....we are not sure what is our part in this journey and when to give it to God to is a prayer that help with that, that I am praying for you
    It is called the

    " Serenity Prayer"

    " God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can
    And the wisdom to know the difference"