Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-04-21 - 07:00pm

77 days today..... We are lying around the house waiting for some kind of clue but there is nothing..... waiting for you to come home.... waiting for a miracle..... waiting waiting waiting...... In the beginning we did not say to much to each other but now we talk about you all the time..... we cook extra food in case you come home..... I set up your place for dinner tonight without thinking about it but luckily I realized it before your dad came into the house.... We had steak for dinner so I left half of mine in case you come home.....

The last few days has just been so much harder than the rest.... I know that I need to keep praying and not give up hope but with every day that passes it feels like you are forgetting about us so you no longer want to come home even if you could.... I guess that is the only conclusion that we can come to..... I am still hoping that you will somehow get to see this - or someone that is around you these days will see this and tell you how much we love you and how much we miss you and more than anything else, how much we would like for you to come back home to us. I cannot and will not believe that you will read this and decide to just ignore us.... you are way better than that. I still pray that you will get to see this and have it in your heart to forgive us and come back home to us....

I know that this is getting old - but I will never stop saying this and I will never give up hope on you and for as long as you are gone I will keep on writing.... that is something that I promised you in the beginning and I will never again let you down... even if you decide never to talk to us again and ever come home - I will be here waiting for you whenever you need me....

I pray every day that you will come home.... Your dad has changed in a way that is hard for me to explain. I know that this is all good and you had to leave so that things could change.... but now I pray that you will come home so that we can show you that we are not so bad.... I promise you that.

We love you very much and we pray that you will be home soon!!

Lots and lost of love
Dad and Ma

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