Monday, April 9, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-04-09 - 11:00pm

I hope you had a good day today. I missed you like I have done for the past nine weeks - nothing new.... Some days I want to be angry at you but it is so hard for me because I think you had a reason to be angry at us..... I say "had" because I think we have paid for everything we have said or done to make you angry. I think that it is time for you to forgive us.... Everyone needs a break in life and I think that you really need to consider giving your dad and I a break here.

Rocky, if you are reading this and you don't want to come home, at least have the courage to pick up a phone and call us.... Talk to us, let us talk to you..... give us the oppurunity to say our part and you say yours .... then - if you decide not to come home, at least we know that you are ok.... At this point we really still don't know anything.... I write every night, you dad writes sometimes, there are a lot of other people writing to you and there is nothing from your side.

Most of the time I am ok but tonight I feel like I need to talk with you - just to make sure that you are ok..... Please don't mess up your life because of things that we did wrong, the fact that we were not good parents or the fact that we did not tell you that we were proud of you, or that you are a great son or that we love you very much.....

Please give us a chance..... Please remember some of the good things.... not only the bad ones.....

- Remember fishing with dad
- Remember golfing with dad
- Remember watching Avatar or Vampire Diary with me
- Remember Double Dave's Pizza
- Remember Having a cup of coffee at Starbucks
- Remember your job at the college
- Remember your graduation

I know these are not big things but all of them reminds me of you.... Hopefully they meant something to you also....

I went through my photo albums over the weekend and I remember how scared you were of a crayfish.... Your dad went diving for crayfish when you were only four and he took out a crayfish.... You were so scared of it and we had to cook it before you would even touch it.... It was so funny but the nice thing is that I still ended up with a picture of you holding the crayfish ..... It is hard to believe that it has been so many years ago and that that little scared boy has grown up into a very good young man - one that anyone would be proud to call our son....

We love you and we miss you,
Dad and Ma

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