Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-04-08 - 11:00pm

I hope that you had a great Easter weekend.  Mine was not really that much different from any other weekend......   Friday night we had dinner at Renee and David's.....  It was soooo good...    Can David ever cook.....   Not only did we have dinner there, he also gave us some beef curry for the next day........    They are such good people....... 

Yesterday we did not do to much - I did laundry and your dad was working in the barn.....    What's new....  Hahaha!!!

Today I went to the Easter service with Renee, David and the boys.  It was a church in Conroe called The Ark.  It was a really nice service but the one thing that got to me was one guy that told his story about how he just walked out on everything....  He through away his ID so that people would not know who he was, he just walked out on everything and roamed the streets.  It made me think of you and I felt like crying.....    Everything that you are going through and no-one there to help you......

I am going to end here for tonight but I just need to remind you that you are very much loved, missed and appreciated.

Hope you had a warm meal tonight and that you have a warm and sheltered place to sleep...

Lots and lots of love
Dad and Ma

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