Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 09-29-2012 - 1:40am

How long is long enough? That is a question that I would not have dreamed asking a year ago...... It has now been almost eight months since Rocky left.... It is so nice to talk with him but it is so hard to know that he is not home.

I know that I should have updated this blog so I apologize for not doing it sooner. I will write an update later this week and I will keep on writing from now on until Rocky is back home. I have to admit that I have written, just not on the blog. Since I stopped writing on here I have written more than 50 letters to Rocky..... And it was so nice to have him in person on the receiving end....

Thanks for all your ongoing prayers - and also for all our friend - the ones i have met in person and the ones that i have not met yet.  I know that that is what has kept us all from going crazy through this tough time.

Thank you,