Friday, March 23, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-03-22 - 11:59pm

Today is my fly-day again so I am on my flight writing to you..... Had such a good travel experience - for flying.... And through Chicago of all places... Everything was on time and seeing that your dad is in California and Heinrich is working out of town I am spending the night with Susan and the girls.... Normally you would pick me up...

Like I said a few weeks ago, I take one day at a time..... It is not always great but that is how I get through it.... I can not think or worry about tomorrow because it will have it's own set of problems.... A lady that contacted me on the blog a few days ago gave me so much information that I am going to be busy for a while tomorrow to do everything.... If all goes well we might know where you are shortly... Well - at least we can hope for that. You dad clings onto every morsal of hope to find you with everything that he has...... I don't think he realized how much you meant to him until the moment he realized that you were gone...

Please at least give us a call - you can call either one of us -it does not matter - just let us talk to you to hear voice and know that you are ok... Use the toll free number that I gave you on your Facebook e-mail - there is enough money on there to call us for a few months every day in case you wanted to talk.... it is toll free so we can not see where you are calling from - if that is what you are worried about.

I have just one last thing to say before I am done until tomorrow.... sometimes it is overwhelming trying to be a parent if you are not use to is...  it takes lots of practice, patients and more than anything time......    sometimes you fall and your parents help you up - sometime you fall and they leave you to get up on your own and sometime they just dont know what to do at all.....  that is the case if you have little childen but it is 10 times harder is everyone involved are already adults. 

Just wanted to leave you with this thought.

Anyway, it is very late - about 3am and I have to get a little bit of sleep....  oh yes, ouma (my mom) and oupa (oom koos) sends their love....

We love you and we miss you sooooo much!!
Dad and Ma

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