Friday, March 2, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-03-02 - 10:00pm

Despite of what you may think - our lives are so much worse off without you then with you..... and I know what you are thinking - washing dishes, help mow the lawn, wash the windows... none of that matters... when I walk in the house it is just not the same.... I yell at you for running in the house but you always come running in to say hi when I get home from the airport - and that is kind of nice....

No one else will understand this but when you get back we will treat you like a cat in this house... I look at the two little ones and I ask them time and again to go find "Boetie" but they just look at me like I am crazy... :-)

If anyone is reading this tonight and know where Rocky is - PLEASE tell him that we love him and that we really need him home with us.

I have been praying all day today for you to come home.... I know that most people are not saying it but they believe that you are not coming home... I will not believe that for one moment.... I received a phone call from work today and it was so upsetting that it made me cry... I understand what people are saying but I will NEVER believe that....

I hope that you sleep well and remember - we love you and we really miss you!!!

Dad and Ma

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