Friday, March 16, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-03-16 - 11:00pm

Since Wednesday I have been looking at my Facebook account every five minutes..... so hoping you would just write to me again...... if we can jusy talk to you... a little glimmer of hope......

A lot has changed since you left and there is so much that I would like to ask you and also so much that I can learn from you....

I TRUST that God will keep you safe,
I HOPE that you will have a change of heart and return home because we need you.
I will WAIT for you to come back home no matter how long it takes. I pray to God every night that it will be sooner than later but I also know that God will be waiting with me no matter what.

We love you and hope that you are ready to come home....

Dad and Ma

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