Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-03-17 - 11:00pm

Your dad went to the forest with Arthur and Heinrich and all the kids today..... they all went bike riding.... they had fun but your dad and I were talking about how much you would have loved it and how good you will be at it....

While the boys where gone Susan and I decided to go shopping.... first the Pandora store... ... two great girls that I work with gave my a really cute bracelet and this store sells all the beads for it.... I want to tell you about what I bought...

Left is a DOLPHIN - because your dad loves them so much
Middle is a BUTTERFLY (I could not get a Dragonfly) - that is for me
Right is a BOY - that is for you
The spacers are LADYBUGS because I heard that they bring good luck....

So you see, we can only be a true fmily if the BOY comes home.

Of course being a women, the shopping did not stop there.....

This one is move self explanatory.... HOPE - LOVE - FAITH....
We HOPE that you come home because we LOVE you very much and we have FAITH that God will make this happen!!!!

I typed most of this last night but we had no power so I could only send it today!!!

Love you and miss you,
Dad and Ma

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