Monday, March 12, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-03-12 - 11:30pm

GED Graduation!!
 I was at the airport for five hours last night before my flight was cancelled....  It was not all bad - I was able to write last nights blog.  The good thing is that I get to spend two extra days at home - the bad is that I now only fly home on Friday which makes for a really short weekend considering that I need to fly back to work again on Sunday afternoon.....  This is going to be very short and sweet tonight.....  I am tired and tomorrow is going to be another long day - working all day and flying out tomorrow night - don't get to the hotel before 12:30am.....

David and Renee was here this afternoon - they brought yummy stew for us - you know how David cooks so you would have LOVED the food.....    David has been really sick but he looks so much better these days...   I am sure that it is a great relief for all of them... 

We were driving to pick up your dad's truck from the dealership and while we were driving he said something very nice....  he said that he is so proud of you for what you have accomplished in a very short time....  I know that he regrets not telling you that....    he assumed a lot of things and two of the most important is that he assumed you knew that he loves you even if he was hard on you and he assumed that you knew that he is proud of you.....   In hindsight - we now know that you didn't know that....   but believe me - it is VERY true.....

I hope that you had enough to eat, a warm place to sleep and a map in your heart that will lead you back home to us - the ones that love you unconditionally!!!

Love you and miss you very very much,

Dad and Ma

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