Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-02-09 - 08:00am

Where do I start......

I was never able to have kids and the way I feel today I understand why. I had a great oppurtunity that I totally messed up with my stepson.... I tried to give him everything I thought he needed without listening to what HE needed. He came to live with us two years ago - at 25 - and he really had no demands.... all he wanted and needed was a regular home with regular parent.... nothing more than that... it was so simple - but we did not see it until we woke up on Saterday morning - February 4th 2012 - and realized that he was gone...

What do we do now? How can we tell him that we love him and we will make things better unless he comes home? The grades are not important, YOU are important. Parents - give your kids a hug today - actually listen to what the have to say - give them a chance to talk..... please come home and give me a second chance!

...and to all the stepmothers and stepfathers out there - you are only "step" because you choose be...

I hope this morning that my SON is listening - you are my son and I love you!!

Please come home and give me a second chance!


  1. ons wil net die beste he vir ons kinders en daarom is ons soms sterger as wat ons moet. in julle geval was die boompie nie gebuig terwyl hy jonk was nie en moes julle dit probeer doen wat soveel moeiliker is. ek bid dat hy dit sal besef en dat God hom in sy voetspore laat omdraai en in die rigting van die huis stuur sodat jy jou tweede kans kan kry

  2. I cannot believe he is missing. He was in the same Tennis class as me this semester, because of how talented he was I thought he transferred out. I hope Rocky is safe and sound. I'll be praying for him. If there is anything I can do, let me know.

    1. Hi Torrie - thanks so much for the message..... With all the people in half the countries around the world praying for him every day and night I believe that he is safe and that he will return home when he is ready...... If you can help us look out for him and tell him that we love him when you see him that would be wonderful.....