Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-02-22 - 09:00am

I have a very close friend that lives in Australia (Lana) that I have knows since I was 16.... we have been friends for many years and I consider her one of my best friends in this world.... we don't see each other much these days but that does not change the way we feel about each other and how close we are. She wrote me something the other night that I keep on reading over and over and everytime that I am about to give up hope, this is what I refer back to.... I really wanted to share that this morning:

We need to remember that our children actually belong to the Lord - God has only let us be custodians of them, and it is only with His help that we can raise these treasures to be worthy of our King and to be good citizens in this corrupt world.

I think maybe just letting go and dedicating Rocky back to God may help release the anxiety you are feeling. After all, there is only one other person who can parent Rocky better than what you and Peet (and Rocky's mom) have and that is God.
If you are anything like me, I am a real control freak - but in this case you may need to say "you know what, nothing I say or do can change things right now. So unless God takes the reins not much will happen." Rocky is surely a wise boy and he knows where his home is - he will be back - even if it is just for the meals you make!
You know, I had to laugh when I dished up dinner tonight - the smallest things remind me of you...we had baked beans, and I could distinctly remember the days I spent with you at your home in Arboretum and you made baked beans with custard!
I was telling Pieter about Rocky and Aspen kept asking who we were talking about and I told her it was aunty Vivian - mommy's best friend. I have to introduce her to you one day soon.....

Thank you my friend - I hope that one day soon I get to meet your two kids and you get to meet Rocky....

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