Friday, February 17, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-02-17 - 06:00pm

All and all today was a good day - besides the fact that we still have no idea where you are. The one thing that I wish more than anything in this world is that the people that tried to help us today could in stead have been there for you.

There are so many strangers that is helping us to see if we can find you. We have tried Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Police Websites, and who knows what else and still nothing. I will never give up hope but I have to say - I just wish everyday that you will walk in and everything will be ok..... If you come home you don't have to tell us where you were or what you did or even why you left if you don't want to - ALL WE CARE ABOUT RIGHT THIS MINUTE IS THAT YOU COME HOME!!!

There are a few things about you that gives me hope:
1) I found an app on your phone - you downloaded the bible
2) You are a survivor - you have had a really hard life and despite it all you have become a great person

You have accomplished so much in such a short time and we are so proud of you. Maybe we pushed you to hard but what parent does not do that? They only want the best for their children. We will love you no matter what. You will have a home, you will have food, you will have love - no matter if you fail some of your courses. Of course we will never say that to you because no parent tell their child that it is OK to fail. But they don't stop loving or supporting you..... A parent's love is unconditional - We are first time parents to a 27 year old and you know what - it is just as hard for us as it is for you..... You have never given us any reason to doubt you. We really are very proud of you.

It has been raining for the past two weeks and I just have to wonder like so many nights before if you are warm enough and if you have enough food. I started off writing pages everyday but it is as if I have been drained and cannot write anymore. If you see this - I beg you - please come home!!! If you don't want to come home or feel that you are not ready - at least call or go to Heinrich and Susan - they have been helping us everyday and they would LOVE to have you.......

I hope that you can find it in your heart to fogive whatever we did wrong..... We love you and we hope that you feel the same!!


  1. Dear Rocky, if you read this.......I hope and pray to God that somehow you will access your'e email and this blog and will see how many people is praying and hoping and keeping the faith that you are OK, and that LOVE you unconditional.

    Your'e mom and dad is searching and following every lead, about 24 hours of the day....and they WANT to do this, because they WANT you back. What mom said is true....we don't know the circumstances why you decide to do this but we know that everything is in the big plan of the Lord.

    Nothing you do, can make us love you less, and mom is right.....if for any reason you need a save place and feel you can't return home now, our doors is always open for you.

    IF only we could know you are warm, not hungry, not sad and will feel loved. We keep on praying....we will not loose HOPE and FAITH, we might not know where you are.......but I KNOW SOMEONE WHO DOES. and HE love you, mom and dad even more then ANY of us could ever.....We trust that you are safe in His arm..... all our Love Heinrich, Susan, Clarize, Tanya and Nicole xxx

  2. Rocky,

    If you are reading this I want you to know I am in class with you with Gordon and I am so worried about you. You are such a sweet guy. I am the one that let you use my cd and you made a copy of it to your computer. U were going to help me with my hard drives I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that you are missing.. I looked on your facebook and saw you last posted on this last Wednesday at 113 am which is giving me hope.. Please Rocky if you need someone to talk to call me 936-443-2272 I am a late nighter and I am turning my righter on extra loud. It doesn't matter we only know one another from class and not outside of school this breaks my heart you are a VERY INTELLEGENT person and this is baffeling to me...I am praying for your safe return and not giving up hope... TINA

    To Rocky's family I am sooooooooooo sorry you are going through this my heart is breaking the more I read.... HE is such a INTELLEGENT PERSON in just the short time we have been in class together some of the things he has mentioned only leads me to believe he is a very smart guy and one that has a very deep thinking process... I was in two classes with him but dropped the security class cuz it was WAY to much work and very overwhelming.. I have contacted out professor and am going to try to call him again tomorrow this really has my heart heavy and I have posted the missing persons link on my facebook page. I have sent him 2 messages on facebook and let him know he can call me. My heart and prayers are with all of you and if there is anything I can do please call me I will also put in a PRAYER request at church. I am lost for words at this time it changes everything when you actually know a person that is missing not just posting it as a favor to a friend or a chain post this has me really upset he is a sweet guy... GOD BLESS YOU ALL.....

  3. I just want to let everyone know that the account that Tina found was not his Facebook account. So, he has not accessed his account since December.