Monday, February 27, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-02-27 - 08:00pm

Today was a quiet day - your Dad made food in the crockpot and we thought about you at dinner - how you always have to wait for dinner when he picks me up from the aiport and you would have to smell the food for hours before we get home.... By the time we get home you can't wait to eat anymore.... :-)

If we only knew that you were safe.... of course we would give anything to have you home but we would give even more just to know that you are ok....

Your dad hurt his arm so he had to go to the doctor this morning - they gave him a shot in his elbow - listening to him tell the story is pretty funny.... I am sure that you know what I mean - he always make things worse than what they really are.
He said at one point he actially considered crying but then did not want to do that in front of the doctor.... You actually had to be there...... but I know that that will put a smile on your face - listening to him tell the story..... He likes to be silly some times.

He is busy building a trailer so he is having a hard time with that - trying to work with one arm.... But then again, he is tuff so he will survive and I am sure that he will be just fine in no time.... He really misses you and I know that he is finding a lot of things to do just to stay busy because if he stops it is going to drive him crazy not having you here anymore..... He said the other day that he should have spent more time with you - golfing, fishing, and just talking. He also said that he knows that it is to late and if he could get a second change he would do things so differently..... Last year he asked me about organizing a white river rafting trip for the two of you and I know that it would have been great for both of you... being out in the nature camping and doing all the good stuff together..... how much better do you get than that.....

It is funny that you grew up so far from him and yet you are so much like him. He said the other day that he really hopes that you are not as stubburn as him because if you are you will never come home... we talked about it for a while and then he decided that you have a side to you that will forgive and forget and we really hope that that is the case because if not, we are going to regret for the rest of our lives that we lost you and there will be nothing that we can do to change that.

I know that both of you will survive without each other but I know that there will always be that one part that will be empty because you need each other and I know that you love each other very much.

Well, that is all for now.....

We love you and we really really really miss you...
Dad and Ma

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  1. Rocky,
    You are important to us ! There is Only one YOU!
    You were always so quiet. There were some instances when I remember seeing the other side of you ... like the times that Roma + Reece had you playing tag + you were running after them. I can still hear them saying, "come on Rocky, one more time pleeeease." They loved the way you talked, your accent was so strong and they would just laugh when you would say, "No man, not right now, I'm tired." Another time I remember is when you, Robin + Rebecca wanted to go for a run. Your Dad said that who ever won would get $20. I saw all 3 of you determined to be the winner, but after about 15 minutes, guess who came barging in the front door....out of breath + red in the face ? You did, even though it was tough, you found strength to finish first. I remember talking to you at the table + how you said that you always seemed to find strength in God to carry on when life got tough. I hope that wherever you are, you are getting your strength from God. We all pray for you daily. We all miss you + want you to come home.
    There is Only one YOU + we love YOU !

    Reagan, Debbie & your cousins (Robin, Rebecca, Roma and Reece)