Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-02-09 - 11:30pm

Saturday - 2012-02-04:
The first thing we did was to call the cops.... they come out to the house and started asking questions.... how long has he been gone? Not 24 hours yet? Sorry we can not really do anything...

We saw that there were transactions on his bank account but he must have entered the incorrect pin code for his ATM card - he was not able to get money.... we saw him on the surveilance tape - he was all alone and could not get money to buy food..... it was so cold and he was soaked - it had rained very hard during the night and he had walked.

We drove around and asked everyone along the way if they might have seen him but no-one remember seeing anyone. We came home around 7pm and as soon as we got home I check the bank account again. He had tried two more times to get money so we jumped in the car and rushed to where he got money but by the time we got there he was long gone.

I have been worried that he had no money to by food and could not eat..... The questions that keeps going around in my head is what is he eating, where is he sleeping, is he cold, is he sad..... No matter where he is I just want him to be safe.

Sunday - 2012-02-05:
We got up early and started driving around the place we last tried to get money. We also drove around the college in case he was in that area.... we went to the mall, walked all over there, looked in every fast food restaurant.... I just want him to know that we are not giving up... we have to find him.... this is really driving me crazy. In addition to us looking, we also had our good friends Susan and Heindich and their girls looking. Nicole has a special name for Rocky and she could not stop crying.... she really loves him and wants to know if he is safe and when he is coming home. We also had David and Renee helping with the search. I am not sure that Rocky realizes how many people loves him.

Peet and I were going to California for a week but we cancelled our trip to make sure that we are here in case he decided to come home..... I am not sure if I can ever leave the home again....... I just want to cry all the time.....

Monday - 2012-02-06:
Peet drove around again and again - start talking to people in homeless shelters but this also is a dead end. A friend of the family - Debbie - decides to fly in early Tuesday morning to come and help. I start pulling all the homeless shelters in the area and also get all the number for missing persons. We call people that he worked with last year - Syla and Jakes - they promise to keep and eye out in case he comes in their direction. Regan called several times and said that he was praying for your safe return.

Tuesday - 2012-02-07:
More homeless shelters, emergency rooms to make sure that he is ok..... Again the mall - Walmart - the area around the college...... printing photo's..... I research websites for missing persons and find out that there is no 24 hour wait to report a missing person. We call the cops again and this time they start calling some of his friends... After talking to a few people they decide that this is not a regular run-a-way and they hand the case over to the detectives...

Wednesday - 2012-02-08:
A drive down to Galveston, Freeport and Surfside...... again the mall, the area around the college.... Still nothing!!

Thursday - 2012-02-09:
My sister - Jacquie - calls first thing in the morning to find out if we have any news - she lives in South Africa. This is when I decide to write this blog... Today we went to the college. We spoke with Rocky's boss and also the Vice President of the college.... They all just love him - can not stop talking enough of what a hard worker he is and how much everyone gets along with him. If nothing else I know that Rocky was very proud of his job and he loved it. He is a good, hard working young man that any parent could be proud of. The people at the college was absolutely wonderful - Randy (Rocky's boss) was wonderful and and called the Vice President out of a meeting to come talk to us. Beside talking on behalf of the college, he also offered his personal help to search for Rocky. So much love going around.

Rocky - I love you!!!

I have never really talked about religion before but I have been praying more in the last few days then what I have ever prayed in my life before. There are so many people praying.... My friend Theresa and her cirle of friend - last night her and the two kids said a prayer for Rocky's safe return. My friend Tara from Des Moines have been saying prayers, our friends Susan and Heinrich, Renee and David, Ronel and Gerhard, Ted and Carlene (and I hope that I did not leave anyone out) - all have been saying prayers for him. I said to one of my friends that I made a promise to go to church with Rocky when he gets back......

I dont know what tomorrow will hold..... It is my birthday and I have told Peet and my friends that I did not want to celebrate without Rocky. The only thing that I want for my birthday is to have him home.....

We love you - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come home!!!

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