Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-05-09 - 10:00pm

This is going to be a short note because tonight I am not very happy....

You know what the consequences are of you not getting back to school so PLEASE thinks very hard about your next step. You might think that you are playing a game or that you are very clever to hide from the world, but you know what, you are jeapodizing your future.

Your dad is in Florida, Daytona Beach to be exact until tomorrow morning. He then starts driving back to Texas. So, you have two choices.....
- Call him and get a ride with him from wherever you are. He will come and pick you up no matter where you are. His number will be in your Facebook email.
- Ignore this and pay the price for your actions. Just remember, you make this bed, you lie in it.

We have now done EVERYTHING we could and much much more to make up for anything we could ever have done to harm you you so this will be the last time that we spend any time or money looking for you.... After all, you are 27 years old and are responsible for your own actions.

We want to help you, get you through college, get you your job back, see if we can get you a sport scholarship, get the grant that was approved but YOU, AND ONLY YOU, can make this happen.

We are running out of time so this needs to happens really fast. You cannot blame anyone else for this - if you decide to keep on roaming around, that is fine but if things don't work out the way you planned, you only have yourself to blame for it after today.

We love you and we miss you,
Dad and Ma

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