Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bring Rocky Home - 2012-05-03 - 11:00pm

Hi there,

Nothing has changed, we still love you, we still miss you and we are still proud of you......   And most of all, we still hope that we wake up tomorrow morning and you are back with us....

I don't think that you understand how worried we are about you.....  And how much we care...  And to be honest with you, I don't think we realized how much you are a part of our lives until you walked always three months ago....  Yes, believe it or not, this has been the worst three months of our lives.

I hate to write negative things to you but it is very hard to stay positive with days like today .....   Yet, at the end of the day I pray and thank God that we did not get bad news about you....  In this case no news if definitely better that bad news ...

Today we stopped and talked with some homeless people.  I will never again walk past a homeless person and not take a second look.  Maybe, just maybe it is you.  They have been more helpful than any other people that we have spoken to.  One would think that it gets easier as time goes by but to tell you the truth, it gets harder and harder the more time goes by.  Susan and I have decided that we are going to volunteer at a homeless shelter for thanksgiving from now on.  These are the people that helped us and we would like to return the favor - even if it is not the same shelter or the same people.....  We don't realize how fortunate we are and It does not take much to give a little back to people that are less fortunate than ourselves.  Also, never again will I judge a homeless person, I don't know why there are where they are and I don't know what drove then there - but what I do know, everyone needs a second chance......

It has really been a very long hard day and tomorrow is going to be even harder  so I need to get some sleep so we can face tomorrow.

I hope you have a safe place to sleep tonight and I hope you have food to eat in the morning.

Rocky, if you read this and you can find it in your heart to forgive us for everything that drove you to leave, please give us a call....  Please just talk to us....   We are so worried abut you and we would love to at least hear your voice and just talk with you......   

We love you very much and we really miss you,

Dad and Ma

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